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We are all visions of perfection...

inside and out....

Perfection at it's best...
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About Perfetto_Dieci: This is a community for intelligent and beautiful people. Perfetto_Dieci means perfect 10 in Italian, and that’s what this community is looking for. We want people who are beautiful both inside and out. If you’re a gorgeous knock-out, but have the mentality of a four year old, this community is not for you. If you’re a strait A student who’s only attribute is your intelligence, this community is not for you. This community expects perfect tens, not eights or even nine and a halfs. This is a rating community, and albeit one of our rules is that you must be polite and respectful, constructive criticism can still be harsh. But, if you feel your up to the challenge of proving yourself, and feel you can earn your membership to this elite group, you have been forewarned.

Rules and Guidelines for Membership:
1. You must fill out questionnaire (located below rules).
2. Must post at least 2 clear pictures behind an LJ-cut.
3. No commenting or rating on other posts until you have been stamped.
4. To be stamped you MUST to be approved by at least ONE moderator and a majority of voters. Votes will be counted one week after your virgin post.
5. Once stamped continue to rate, post pictures, and fill out the occasional new survey.
6. Moderators will not stand for people being, rude, impolite, cruel, or just plain mean. You will be dealt with harshly if your comments or posts can be described as any of the above adjectives and could lead to you being banned from the community.
7. If you are under the age of 16 please get your parents permission to join. This community might contain adult material and could include posts that have opinions or pictures not suitable for children.
8. No gratuitous nudity! No exceptions. Failure to follow this rule will immediately lead to you being banned permanently.
9. If you are not stamped or are rejected after you votes have been counted, you can re-post in 1 week.
10. Both men and women are welcome.
11. Moderators expect members to be unique. Stealing others answers to the questionnaire, or quotes from their journal, is plagiarism and is wrong. We realize that some members may have the same tastes in music, art or fashion but your answers should never be exactly the same. Remember that stealing others words is just as hurtful as stealing someone’s diamonds. Please be respectful and think for yourself.
12. Moderators expect you to be respectful of other’s opinions. We may not all agree, but we can all debate without being rude. Some may think that smoking pictures are sexy, while others do not and some may wear fur, while others remain anti-fur activists. People are bound to think differently, just remain polite and try not to get to terribly heated.
13. Moderators understand that perfect tens come from all walks of life. You can be tagged preppy, gothic, rich, poor, black, white and still become a member. Being unique is part of what makes us all beautiful.
14. Failure to comply with any and all rules can lead to you being banned. The moderators do not like to ban members but we will take the necessary action to keep our community the way we picture it.

1. Name:
2. Date of Birth:
3. Location:
4. Why should Perfetto_Dieci accept you:
5. What kind of music do you listen too:
6. List a few of your favorite books, movies, or artists:
7. List a few things that make you different or unique:
8. What is your favorite sin, and why:
9. How do you take your coffee or tea:
10. Say something about yourself:
11. For Girls- Diamonds or pearls and your favorite flower:
12. For Guys- Suits or tuxes and your favorite cologne:

Current Moderator(s) is(are):

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