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Hello + Application

Hello everyone! Yes, I feel up to this challenge, so here is my application.

1. Name: Selene [Seh-Lee-Nee]
2. Date of Birth: January 17th, 1989
3. Location: Sacramento, California
4. Why should Perfetto_Dieci accept you: For one, I am different from the stereotypical American image of beauty. I am Pakistani-American, and my ethnicity and skin colour is exotic and unique. As a person, I am genuine and real- I am a kind hearted person as well as intelligent ( I can prove this on many levels, but I will not bore everyone with a list). I have a backbone, and am no doormat.
5. What kind of music do you listen to: My tastes vary from World to sugary, bubblegum pop. I listen to what sounds good.
6. List a few of your favorite books, movies, or artists: Books include The Samurai's Garden (gail Tsukiyama), The Harry Potter series (yes, I still love them). Movies include Dead Poet's Society, and pretty much anything by director Hayao Miyazaki. Artists...I cannot even begin to name. I am very passionate about creating art as well as those who create it. I find more artists to fall in love with daily!
7. List a few things that make you different or unique: I explained some of this in question #4, but here's something interesting about me- like a lot of girls my age, I love to sing. However, I don't like to sing pop or broadway. Rather, I train professionally in opera/classical. I don't know, I don't think it's something you hear everyday. Oh! I am also fluent in spanish :)
8. What is your favorite sin, and why: Lust, easily. >:D
9. How do you take your coffee or tea: I drink both. I usually don't make my own coffee, I buy it from places like Starbucks because it is not a regular thing. However, I drink green tea daily.
10. Say something about yourself: I am everything I want to be. Regardless. I am not stick skinny, nor am I super tall. I am short, and I have big boobs. But you know what? I will never have to stick plastic inflatable pillows into my chest in the future! :)
11. For Girls- Diamonds or pearls and your favorite flower: Diamonds, hands down.  Favorite flower is tiger lily or morning glory

Me, no makeup, no nothing. 

Also no makeup :) The first pic is the more recent one though
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